VIDEO: Truck leaves scene after crashing into back of car in Katy

KATY, Texas – "It was scary. It was very scary," Crystal Morgan said of the crash.

Morgan and Jessica Padilla were driving to Katy on Tuesday night when a man in a truck slammed into the rear of their car on Morton Ranch Road near Highway 99.

Another driver recorded a video of Morgan’s car being knocked into the opposite lane and continuing through oncoming traffic, narrowly missing other cars.

“When I looked out the window all I could see as the oncoming traffic coming towards my door. And so I thought I was going to get hit from the side as well,” Padilla said.

“It turned us sideways. I thought we were actually going to flip over or keep turning and hit the curb. But it straightened up and went up the hill,” Morgan said.

The driver never slowed down, according to the women. He kept driving with Morgan’s rear bumper attached to the front of his truck. Several motorists who tried to chase him couldn’t keep up.

Both women were injured. Morgan said she suffered back and knee injuries. Padilla said the impact sprained muscles in her back and pinched a nerve.

Other motorists saw the truck weaving through traffic at high speed just before it hit them. It appears to be an older model red Dodge with a black roof.

Both women said they hope he’s found before someone else is hurt.

"I’d like to see this person prosecuted. I'm a strong believer in consequences," Morgan said.

"I mean, he needs to go to jail. He had no idea as he sped off how badly he had injured us," Padilla said.