Vandals target nonprofit group in Third Ward

HOUSTON – A long-time Third Ward nonprofit group says it's being targeted in a series of acts of vandalism.

For nearly 15 years, C-STEM Teacher and Student Support Services has been a bright spot in the 3200 block of Alabama Street. The organization provides technology and literacy training for local children.

"It's only been fabulous experiences being here in this community," Dr. Reagan Flowers, the organization's founder said.

But Flowers believes a new neighbor isn't being so neighborly.

PHOTOS: Vandals target nonprofit in Third Ward

On Monday, she arrived to find the fence alongside her free little library was damaged.

"It looked like it was rammed into by a vehicle and it was all toppled over," Flowers said.

But that wasn't the only unsettling discovery that day.

"My facilities guy said that's not our only problem. He took me to the side of our shipping container and he showed me where there's a black hose coming out of the side door of the neighbors, through our fence line and they're dumping their water, perhaps from their washing machine," Flowers said.

Cellphone video recorded by Flowers shows water flowing into the street.

"This is against the city's ordinance," she said.

She said she has tried to communicate with the tenants.

"They won't come to the door. They won't welcome any conversations," Flowers said.

When Channel 2 contacted the landlord, he said he was aware of a "plumbing problem" and said he planned to fix it.

On Wednesday, when Flowers came to work, she discovered a glass pane in a side door had been shattered by an object thrown through it.

She filed a report with Houston police.

"We're not willing to have someone come in and destroy everything that we've worked hard to build," she said.

The community is coming together to support Flowers on Saturday. There's a rally and fundraiser planned for 11 a.m. Saturday to help C-STEM repair the fence, replace the door and add security cameras. If you'd like to donate, click here.

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