2 women find toddler wandering in SE Houston street

HOUSTON – A woman was driving in southeast Houston when she saw something unusual, a child in just a diaper parading through the streets.

Grace Jones said she was driving with a friend when she saw a bright white diaper moving in the middle of the street on Linden Street.

"I'm thankful to God there were cars parked on the side, and I wasn't going the normal speed rate," Jones said.

It was something she never thought she'd ever see.

"We were driving on Linden, and we saw something pop out of the sides and my friend said, 'Is that a bird?'" Jones said.

It wasn't. Just before 10 p.m. Wednesday, something caught their eye.

"We looked at it and there was white going up and down, and we were like, 'No, that's a child!'" Jones said.

They took video of what they saw. It appears the child is in just a diaper, walking around in the middle of the street. Jones follows behind.

"My friend went into 'mom-mode' and said, 'Stop the car,' And I stop the car and she took off running, and she was trying to catch up to the little boy," Jones said.

The boy ended up in the hands of those who seemed to be looking for him. However, for Jones, it raised questions.

"He obviously had left, Lord knows where, at least to the other side of the block and then was heading back and that's just scary," Jones said.

CPS told KPRC that they look into cases if the child is truly alone. HPD looked into the case but does not expect there will be charges filed. Officials said these kinds of things happen often, unfortunately, and they are urging parents to keep a watchful eye on their kids.

Jones said the only reason she stopped was because the bright white diaper caught her eye.

"I just hope that the parents are more careful with their baby, and all parents," Jones said. "We were just thinking about the welfare of the child -- thinking he was out there, thinking he could have been out there -- there could have been glass, he could have cut himself, things like that. Someone could have taken him."