Woman sought, accused of using stolen credit card, stealing mail

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A woman accused of using a stolen credit card to pay for another person's car repairs at an auto shop near Westchase is wanted in connection with other crimes.

A Precinct 5 deputy constable arrested 27-year-old Phylicia Michelle Kilpatrick and another person after they were pulled over near an elementary school in west Harris County in late January.

Kilpatrick and her passenger were pulled over after someone in the neighborhood reported their car, saying it was stopping at mailboxes and stealing mail.

Inside the car, a deputy constable said he found nearly 80 pieces of mail belonging to other people.

The people in the neighborhood said their peace was taken from them.

"It would be very easy in a neighborhood like this because there's just a lot of times there's nobody out," Adrian Lillico said.

"There's so many ways for them to steal your identity with the internet, and with everything going online, you kind of forget about the easy route and someone can just reach their hand in your mailbox," Graham Guerrero said.

State records indicate Kilpatrick served jail time twice for theft in Houston and Texas City.

Those were misdemeanors; this time, she's facing a felony.

"I hope that she gets the book thrown at her, actually. So yes, I'm pleased that she's been apprehended," Lillico said.

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