Former Aldine ISD officer accused of body-slamming handcuffed student

ALDINE, Texas – A former Aldine Independent School District Police Department officer is facing an official oppression charge stemming from an incident last year involving the use of excessive force.

On May 2, 2018, then-Aldine ISD Officer David Reed is accused of throwing a freshman student who was attending the Aldine Education Center to the ground while the student was handcuffed.

When the former officer was asked Tuesday why he had decided to throw the student to the ground, he refused to comment.

Aldine ISD officials declined to participate in an on-camera interview on the incident, but released a statement.

The charge causes concern for parents of students at the education center.

"It's scary. You bring your kids to school. You are hoping that everybody is doing their job and that they are being protected and taken care of, and that the adults are doing their job and when you hear something like that, you feel like you can't trust the education system," parent Chernika Ishmond said.

Here is the full statement from Aldine ISD:

"Following an investigation by the district’s police department, Aldine ISD Police Officer David Reed was terminated on July 1, 2018, for using excessive force. The police department submitted their findings to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and the DA's office has accepted charges.

"The safety and security of our students is a paramount priority in Aldine ISD as such we do not condone behavior that does not align with the district's values."