VIDEO REVEALED: See the stunning 8-person pyramid collapse during high wire performance


SARASOTA, Fla. – Video released of a 2017 high-wire collapse shows the moment when a performer lost her balance, sending five people to the floor at least 28 feet. 

The Wallenda troupe had practiced the eight-person pyramid at least a hundred times before.

Since the video was released, Nik Wallenda, who was part of the collapse incident -- but didn't fall to the floor, posted this message on his Facebook page: "I have been sort of a wreck to be honest, I've shed a lot of tears if I'm being completely vulnerable, having to re-live that accident yet again."

Nik told WFLA, he feels like he may have PTSD, and told his wife, for the first time, recently, he considered quitting as he struggled with fear, while practicing a seven-man pyramid in New York.

He says his friends and family, including his sister Lijana and aunt, Rietta, are doing well.

"In fact all of them, with the exception of my sister, have been back on-stage performing in one capacity or another, which is nothing short of miraculous with falling from that height," Nik Wallenda said.

A few months after the tragedy, a recovering Rietta, on top of the pyramid, looked on the bright side, despite multiple broken bones.

"When our pyramid collapsed, not one of us have a spinal cord injury, brain injury," she said.

"We've faced triumph and tragedy,” Nik Wallenda said. “A lot of great triumphs, and but also a lot of tragedies, but through it all, we've always continued on."