Deer Park residents breathe sigh of relief after ITC fire extinguished

DEER PARK, Texas – In the city of Deer Park, spring is in the air and the community’s prayers have been answered. 

The Intercontinental Terminals Co.’s chemical storage facility caught fire Sunday morning and burned steadily for several days before it was finally extinguished Wednesday around 3 a.m.

Residents in and around the Deer Park area grew concerned for their health with each passing day as a plume of thick, black smoke rose over the city and expanded across the metro area.

One person described the smoke-filled skies as “depressing” and “kind of scary,” but now, the sun is out, the weather is beautiful and residents are happy to be able to enjoy both.

“It’s been an absolute blessing to have a clear sky and not see some black, gray cloud over Deer Park,” said Rev. Reginald Samuels, with the St. Hyacinth Roman Catholic Church. “It’s been wonderful to wake up like this today.”

Veronica Zuniga, a parishioner at St. Hyacinth, said she was thankful when she woke up that the fire had been extinguished.

“My prayers this morning were thank you Lord that the fire is out,” Zuniga said. “We’re truly blessed as a community.”

VIDEO: Sky2 shows before and after images of the Deer Park fire

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