2 men accused of posing as Uber drivers, robbing at least 3 people

HOUSTON – Getting an Uber ride home is supposed to be a safe alternative to drinking and driving, but for at least three people, that was not the case.

According to court documents, Jalil Sabree and Patrick Jefferson posed as Uber drivers and robbed at least three people.

Two of the victims were drinking at Little Woodrow's in Midtown when they were picked up by the fake Ubers, according to authorities.

In one robbery, the victim hailed an Uber but didn't check to see if the driver and vehicle matched what was on his app. When he got in the car, he was robbed of his belongings, including his credit cards.

In a separate incident, a man was drinking at Little Woodrow's when his friends hailed an Uber for him. He said a fake driver picked him up and later robbed him.

According to court documents, the Uber imposters are accused of using stolen credit cards to purchase a cellphone.

When Sabree was arrested, police said he had the phone that was purchased with one of the stolen credit cards.

Investigation into the case by police led them to two more incidents, including an additional incident outside Little Woodrow's.