What you need to know about the DWI initiative for spring break this year


HOUSTON – It's that time of year when the sun emerges and the cold moves out of the Houston region. 

Spring break revelers prepare to blow off some of life's stress, and perhaps alcohol will be involved. 

Law enforcement agencies came out ahead of the curve Thursday announcing the annual Spring Break DWI Initiative. The initiative is a collaborative effort by Precinct 8 and 16 other area law enforcement agency partners aimed at seeking out and arresting intoxicated drivers across eastern and southern Harris County, according to a news release from Harris County Precinct 8.

Investigators said there will be a DWI station at the Clear Lake station where officers can bring suspects in and blood samples will be taken with court approval and submitted for evidence. From there, drivers will be taken to the processing center to be booked into jail. 

The "one-stop shop" will allow officers and deputies to process drunken drivers faster so they can return to the streets to arrest other drunken drivers, said Phil Sandlin, Harris County constable of Precinct 8.

VIDEO: Investigators announce Spring Break DWI Initiative