SeaWorld's Aquatica park in San Antonio to unveil 70-foot slide this spring break


HOUSTON – SeaWorld’s Aquatica water park in San Antonio is opening a new ride Saturday that is being called the tallest multi-tower drop slide in Texas.

The ride is called Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. Riders climb about 70 feet to the top of an eight-story tower, and into one of two breakaway boxes facing each other. However, the suspense comes when riders step into one of two breakaway boxes facing the other rider, not knowing when the floor will disappear and who will freefall first. 

In addition to the new ride SeaWorld will also offer three new experiences later this spring. 
Turtle Reef is an interactive sea turtle attraction. Riptide Rescue is a family friendly ride that allows younger guests to go on their own sea turtle rescue mission. Sea Swinger offers a swing ride that swings 180 degrees in both directions while twisting in a circle.


The park will have extended hours for spring break starting March 9 through March 17.