New video released of deadly cargo plane crash in Trinity Bay

CHAMBERS COUNTY, Texas – Another video was released Wednesday of a deadly cargo plane crash in Trinity Bay.

The video shows the plane traveling at a steep angle toward the ground on Feb. 23.

Witnesses reported hearing loud noises coming from the plane’s engines before it plunged into the water. The Chambers County Sheriff said witnesses told authorities the plane went into a nosedive, then went into the water nose-first.

The plane was on its way to George Bush Intercontinental Airport from Miami when it crashed, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The crash happened in an area known as Jack's Pocket in northern Trinity Bay, according to authorities.

The three people aboard the twin-engine Boeing 767 were killed. The bodies of Sean Archuleta and Conrad Aska have been recovered. Human remains believed to belong to the third person, identified as Ricky Blakely, have also been found.

Officials said the cargo plane, which was built in 1992, should have been fine if it had been properly maintained but said malfunctions and maintenance errors do happen, and there is also the possibility of fatigue.