Classic station wagon, other restoration projects charred after NW Houston fire

HOUSTON – Smoke erupted and flames lit up the early morning sky at a home in northwest Houston.

According to authorities, the fire sparked around 3:20 a.m. Thursday at a house on Greenmont Drive near Autumn Forest Drive.

The homeowner said he heard something in his driveway and when he went to check it out, he saw flames ripping across his cedar wood fence.

The blaze also torched the classic station wagon he was restoring, his motorcycle and his workshop.

“(There is) nothing out in the driveway that I can’t replace, nothing heartbreaking outside,” the homeowner said. “Hopefully there isn’t too much damage with water inside. I have lots of electronics.”

The homeowner said he tried to fight the flames, but they quickly spread to his home, causing damage to his attic. Luckily, firefighters arrived within minutes were able to put out the flames. He and his wife were not injured.

Details on what caused the fire are still unclear. Investigators are working to find out more.

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