High school drill team says $15K in raised funds missing

HOUSTON – Houston police are investigating after a local high school drill team booster club said they are missing more than $15,000 they had saved for a spring break trip to Orlando. 

The Heights High School Red Coats had been fundraising since last year coming up with more than $90,000 to travel to Walt Disney World where they would perform and take a master class with Disney dancers.

But when it came time to make the final payment, the money wasn't in the account.

When the group tried to contact the person in charge of the money, they said they got no response.

The young dancers told KPRC2 they felt betrayed.

"We know it was somebody that we trusted. It was somebody that was a part of the Red Coats. Why would somebody do that? Especially to us. We were just trying to go to Disney to have some fun. Now we have to wait and see if we can even go and it's just devastating and it's hard," Leah Arriaga said.

The group started a GoFundMe page and are very close to their goal of raising an additional $15,000.

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