Boy laments decision to sell Navy SEAL's ax

HOUSTON – A father said he was heartbroken after his son parted ways with a prized possession, not realizing its true value.

Andrew Moore, of Rosharon, sold an ax at a Pearland flea market Saturday, simply trying to make a few honest bucks.

"I took my (virtual reality system) there, and I had a bunch of other knives," Andrew, 13, said. "So I just decided to take that with it."

But it wasn't just any ax. It was a replica of the ax taken into combat by decorated Navy SEAL Senior Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens, who died in combat in Yemen in 2017.

Last July, Andrew won the replica, which was commissioned by Owens' family, at a biker rally event he rode to with his father to benefit the families of fallen service members.

"That gentleman fought for our country," Andrew's father, Robert Moore, said. "Lost his life to allow us to be able to sit at a fundraiser and buy an ax dedicated to him."

Andrew got to meet former Navy SEALs, who made quite an impression on the young man.

"I look up to all of them," he said through tears. "It was really a cool experience, meeting people that did that and risked their life to help us."

The Moore family collects military memorabilia, but after it sat in his room for several months, Andrew didn't know exactly what to do with the ax.

Last weekend, he decided to sell it. It wound up in the hands of Navy veteran Donnie Jemison, who noticed the inscription with Owens' name. Jemison began the process to get the ax to Owens' family.

Andrew was heartbroken when he realized the situation. He said he learned a lesson when it comes to assessing your property.

"Like, actually look through it and make sure it's not something that's, like, crazy valuable," he said. "Or priceless."

We spoke to SCPO Owens' brother, John, who also served as a Navy SEAL. In a statement, John Owens told Channel 2, "We always appreciate when anyone looks out for veterans and we've learned there are a lot of people who still think about us and the guys still fighting."

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