VIDEO: Woman abandons puppies at Pearland Animal Hospital

Six puppies are now looking for good homes after they were abandoned in a parking lot in Pearland. 

Surveillance video shows a red Dodge pickup truck pull up to the side of the Pearland Animal Hospital off of Texas State Highway 35. A woman appears to get out from the passenger side, go to the bed of the truck and remove a cardboard box. 

Dr. Kris Schoeffler, a veterinarian at the Pearland Animal Hospital, said an employee found the box, which had the 6-week-old puppies. “I just really want people to know that you can take animals to rescue groups or shelters, or vets, or whatever. Just don’t leave them out on the street,” he said. 

He said he was frustrated and concerned because the animal hospital is next to the highway and the puppies are big enough to have gotten out of the box and walk onto the busy road. 

“The puppies were left in a cardboard box and kind of set in a muddy area, the bottom of the box was already soaked through by the time we found them,” Schoeffler said. “The puppies are big enough to jump out of the box or walk or knock it over and we sit right on Highway 35, which is a six-lane highway, which is very busy. So, the dangers to the puppies were they could have been run over, there were a lot of pop up thunderstorms happening that day, they could have been exposed to weather, or predators or somebody just parking, could have hit the box and could have run over them that way.”

SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Puppies abandoned at Pearland Animal Hospital

Fortunately, none of that happened, and the animals are healthy waiting to be adopted at Pearland Animal Control. 

The Pearland Police Department said they are looking into this case, but said the person who dropped the puppies off will probably not face charges because the animals were left in an area where they could be reasonably cared for.

“Some people are worried they are going to be judged if they come in and say they want to give up animals. Others think there might be a financial commitment and they’re worried about how much it could cost. But, information is always free. We try to be non-judgmental. I think most vets operate that way,” said Shoeffler.