Mom shot while making breakfast for her kids

HOUSTON – A woman who was shot while she was making breakfast for her children spoke with KPRC2 about the incident while the shooter is still on the run.

The shooting happened last weekend in the 4200 block of Sable Pines Lane in northwest Harris County, officials said.

Harris County Sheriff's Office investigators have identified two suspects in the shooting that has forever changed the young mother's life.

"They said I was the luckiest, unlucky person," victim Bethany Myles said.

Her lucky-unlucky day started out as a peaceful Sunday morning.

"I was standing at the stove over there making breakfast," she said.

The 32-year-old was fixing plates for her children, a niece and a nephew.

"I just dropped the plate and fell backwards," Myles said.

The terrified kids thought she'd passed out and hit her head on the stove, calling their father who was 25 miles away at work.

"The kids said, 'It's a lot of blood, Papa. It's a lot of blood.' I said, 'Call 911,'" said Zaheer Aslam.

"I was just telling the ambulance, 'Please don't let me die. Please don't let me die,'" Myles said.

She had been struck by a stray bullet.

"In the back of the head right here... and the bullet is still right here," Myles said, pointing to her wound area.

Doctors said it's too dangerous to try to remove it.

"If it would have been a millimeter either way, I would have been dead or paralyzed," Myles said.

Chante Randel is the mother of the accused shooter who officials said is on the run.

"My prayers go out to her and her family and I'm praying for my son, too," Randel said. "She didn't deserve that. Nobody does."

She said her 22-year-old son fired his weapon to break up a fight between two women who were arguing over a $30 payment for a cake.

"My life is forever changed over a $30 cake. I just don't understand why just shoot a gun blindly," Myles said. "You're gonna hit somebody. Bullets don't have names on them."

Now Myles copes with what could be lifelong side effects.

"The headaches are so bad, it's hard to sleep at night," Myles said. "In my ear it's a constant 'Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.' sound all day long, all night long."

And she has fear.

"It's horrible. Your home is where you're supposed to be at peace. Safe is your home. I don't have that anymore," Myles said.

The alleged shooter's mother has a message for her son.

"Please, please turn yourself in and let the will of God be done," Randel said.

The sheriff's office said the man and one other person face aggravated assault charges.

The family does not have insurance, so if you'd like to help with Myles' medical expenses, there's a GoFundMe account set up here.

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