Amy Poehler to make Netflix film out of Bellaire HS teacher's book

BELLAIRE, Texas – Jennifer Mathieu teaches English at Bellaire High School by day and writes popular young adult fiction novels  by night.

"So, I often say I have the two best jobs in the world, which is writing for teenagers and teaching for teenagers," she said.

Her fourth book, "Moxie," is about a teen girl revolution in a small town in Texas. It got the attention of comedian and actress Amy Poehler before it hit store shelves.

"When we spoke on the phone I could tell she read the book because she was mentioning certain scenes," Mathieu said.

Poehler bought the rights to the book in 2017, and on Wednesday, it was announced she would direct the movie, which will air on Netflix.

"I am stunned and shocked and keep pinching myself. It doesn't seem real," Mathieu said.

Even though the book deals with serious subjects like sexual harassment and gender inequality, Mathieu believes Poehler will bring her signature brand of comedy to the film.

"I think it will be funny," Mathieu said. "But I think she'll do it in an Amy Poehler way that will make us laugh but also make us think."

Bellaire students said they are excited for their teacher.

"I was making jokes to my friend that we were going to walk past her room and she was going to be sitting on a pile of money," junior Madeline Banks said.

Mathieu said she's often asked why she's still teaching after her newfound success.

"It sounds corny, I know, but the truth is I really do love teaching. I love it," Mathieu said.

As for who Poehler should cast in the starring role, one student had a very personal pick.

"Amy Poehler, hello, I've been acting since I popped out the womb," sophomore Leah Harvell said.

Movie production is set to begin in the fall.

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