Tenants fear losing home after claims against landlord

HOUSTON – The concern from tenants at several apartment properties in the Houston area, afraid of losing their home after claims the landlord did not do enough to keep them safe.

Residents at Angel Gardens Apartments are left wondering where they are going to live next.

Gilbert Aguilar said he would still be working as a truck driver if he hadn't hurt his foot after he got into a car accident last year.

"I got to get on my feet first," Aguilar said about the potential move.

He is in a wheelchair, living with his wife and 2-year-old son at the complex, which may not be home for long. Aguilar said he received a letter of notice to vacate the property issued by a court-appointed receiver after allegations that the landlord hasn't kept up with the property.

"It's not just an apartment complex, this is my hone and I have nowhere else to go," Aguilar said.

A court-ordered appointing the receiver authorized to oversee Angel Gardens and two other properties, alleges the landlord neglected to hire security, install cameras and evict tenants who sell drugs, sex crimes and do unlawful things.

The owner, Tu Nguyen, said he owns three properties in question and says he's cleaned up Angel Gardens and has tried to install cameras but says some tenants cut the wires. He said he's not being given a fair shake, despite his efforts.

"I try to fight for my tenants. They try to put my tenants outside, be homeless. I don't want any homeless. I want to help people," Nguyen said.