Skeptics have low expectations ahead of Vatican Summit

HOUSTON – As the world's national bishops prepare to attend the Vatican Summit to discuss revelations of sexual abuse in the Catholic church, the leader of Houston Chapter of the Survivors' Network of those Abused by Priests, Michael Norris, says he has low expectations.

“We don’t want words, we don’t want promises, we want action,” Norris said. 

He said he fears that the lists and the summit won’t be enough to spur sweeping change

Pope Francis said a goal for the four-day summit is to outline clear protocols for bishops on how to prevent abuse and help victims

"It sounds like he is going to spend time educating bishops and cardinals and archbishops about reporting sexual abuse. We need to get over education, we have been educated enough its time to come up with solutions," Norris said.

He said he will watch what comes from the summit, but says the bishops need to be held accountable for any coverups.

"What I would like to see is the pope fire some of these cardinals and bishops who have allowed this to go on for so long. The problem with that is there won't be any cardinals or bishops left they all have blood on their hand," Norris said.

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