"Doing this for what?' Woman targeted by accused bank juggers

HOUSTON – It was a bit of a bizarre bank jugging, and it was all caught on camera.

In home surveillance video, the suspect's vehicle can be seen backing out of a driveway and toward the victim's truck before taking Kimberly Hawk's purse.

"When you see it, it's awful. And you realize what happened and you realize you were followed, which is scary," Hawk said.

Hawk is a small business owner. On Tuesday, she became a victim.

Hawk said she had just left the Chase Bank at Ella Boulevard and Interstate 610 after making a deposit and decided to stop by a property she was looking at nearby.

"I wasn't even thinking anything walking out the bank quickly going five minutes away. I had no idea somebody would literally follow me home like that and target me," Hawk said.

In the video, the suspect is seen parking in the driveway of a nearby home where he waits several minutes until Hawk goes inside. That's when the suspect struck.

"All my notebooks, my measuring laser, a brand-new bracelet that I just got. Both of my truck keys. I had to have my truck towed," Hawk said.

After quickly calling to cancel her credit cards, Hawk was told they had already been charged for several pairs of shoes at a nearby store.

"Right before they had a chance to catch my business account they had already gone $833 charged. They charged up five pair of Nike tennis shoes, different sizes," Hawk said.

Hawk filed a police report and is working with her bank to recover what was charged. She said she doesn't think anyone has been arrested in connection with the case.

"I mean there's consequences. You can hurt somebody. I could've had my 6-year-old with me. Y'all are doing this for what? Nike shoes? Little bit of money here and there? This devastates people," Hawk said.

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