Accountability sought in Prairie View A&M officer-involved shooting

HOUSTON – The community is asking for a thorough investigation into the officer-involved shooting by a Prairie A&M police officer that has left 20-year-old De'eddrick Graves in critical condition.

“Something is wrong with this case,” community activist Quanell X said.

The shooting happened Monday afternoon in Bellville, Texas, just outside Graves' home.

“We are absolutely angry upset and outraged that a police officer from Prairie View (A&M) University would go to a whole other city, a whole other jurisdiction, and never even notify a local police agency, which is customary, common protocol practice for him to do. I also learn that his police chief didn't even know he was in Austin county serving a warrant from his department,” Quanell X said.

Quanell X says Graves was shot in the back of his neck as he was running away from the officer. The officer, according to DPS -- which is leading the investigation -- was attempting to serve a deadly conduct warrant. Queanell X said he wants the cop to be held liable.

“What I'm being told is that the cop panicked when he saw a young man dart like he was getting ready to run and the cop starts shooting. This is what I'm being told by law enforcement who are involved in this case. They all agree this cop overreacted,” Quanell X said.

Graves' grandmother, Jackie Wilder, spoke to the media Wednesday for the first time since the shooting. She is demanding transparency.

“I just want the truth to come out. I want the officer ... I just want justice for him because nobody deserves to be shot down the way he did,” Wilder said.

A protest in front of the Prairie View A&M police station will be held Thursday at noon.