'The Wonderful World of Mr. Louis': Community comes together to help man in need

FULSHEAR, Texas – We don't very often hear of kindness and generosity of strangers, so when we do, we want to tell you about it.

A community in Fort Bend County has come together to help out a man in need. People have even started a fund to help him along.

Channel 2's Sofia Ojeda introduces us to the "Wonderful World of Mr. Louis." 

"He caught my eye, always on his bike. He's an older gentleman and he reminded me of somebody's grandfather," Christy Monroy said.

Monroy drives through Fort Bend County often and she will occasionally see Louis riding his bike along the roadways. She, like many others, will stop to give him food or give him rides.

"He was just so grateful, he knew exactly where to go to get it fixed. It was this exact bike shop," Monroy said.

Neighbors call Louis a free spirit. 

They say he's sometimes in need of clean clothes and shoes. He's known to sleep out on the streets and he often needs his bike fixed. The folks at Handlebar Cyclery on 1093 in Cinco Ranch have been fixing his bike, giving him gear and helping him along for years now.

All at no cost to Louis.

"We were just surprised at how everyone in the community knew him or knew of him and wanted to help out. It was really nice," said Richard Ryder, a manager at Handlebar Cyclery.

The Facebook group "The Wonderful World of Mr. Louis" was also created. Hundreds of people post when they see him and how he's doing. Many who we spoke with said he has some health issues and they are genuinely very protective of him.

"If people can just be patient with him and give him space on the road when they see him. Just try and understand that he's a good man. He's very intelligent and he's very very nice," Monroy said.

Anyone interested in helping out Mr. Louis can contact the Handlebar Cyclery at (832) 437-7584. 

They say Mr. Louis has an account you can donate to.

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