'Legacy will live on for years': What we know about slain Delaney family

Delaney family's 'legacy will live on for years' in Patton Village

POLK COUNTY, Texas – The Delaney family had a huge impact on the community in Polk County.

In fact, the grandfather, who went by Gene, built the city's pavilion. Many people said while the family lived in Polk County, Patton Village was home.

"The city cannot comprehend the senseless murders of these four people," current Patton Village Mayor Leah Tarrant said.

Monday's tragic shooting left five family members dead. Grandparents -- 74-year-old Carlos "Eugene" Delaney and his wife 72-year-old Lynda Delaney -- their granddaughter, 27-year-old Ashley Delaney, her husband, 54-year-old Randy Horn and their 15-month old baby Ranley were all found shot to death.

The tragedy has broken hearts more than 40 miles away in Patton Village and Splendora.

"The human side is heartbreak. This has affected a lot of the people I work with and know daily in this area," Splendora Independent School District Police Department Chief Rex Evans said.

The Delaney family was well-loved and lived on the same small street for most of their lives. Lynda and Eugene made Patton Village home for more than 40 years. They raised their three children and grandchildren there, including Ashley. All of them went to Splendora ISD schools.

"The family tried to help quite a bit civically and tried to help their community and be a better community," Evans said.

Lynda was a respected longtime city councilwoman, former mayor and local beauty shop owner who was known to  want what's best for her family and city.

"She was very strong-willed, matter of fact. She didn't mince words," Tarrant said.

Eugene owned a construction business and helped build the City Hall Pavilion. The couple left their mark.

Neighbors said they loved the town more than anything, but preferred to retire on the lake. Patton Village is heartbroken.

As investigators wait on autopsy results to help determine how the shooting went down, the community says the Delaney's impact will never be forgotten.

"I am sure their legacy will live on for years, and they will be remembered for how they lived their life. Not in the brutality of their death," Tarrant said.

Polk County Sheriff's Office deputies said they're still collecting evidence and waiting on autopsy results, which should be released later this week.