Kim Ogg talks about HPD raid, shooting that injured 5 officers

HOUSTON – Two weeks have passed -- yet a complete account of what happened inside 7815 Harding Street -- the evening of Jan. 28 -- remains outstanding. 

The Houston Police Department has its internal investigation underway.

"The District Attorney's role is similar in every police-involved shooting in Harris County," Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said on Monday regarding where her office stands on the investigation. 

Meanwhile, questions mount about the no-knock search warrant Houston Police obtained to enter the home and what happened once investigators from the narcotics division went inside: Four HPD officers were shot and the two people who live at the house were killed during a shootout. 

How that happened is what HPD and the DA's Office said they are working to outline fully.

"We have a team that works 24/7. They actually went to the scene, they observed the collection of evidence, the directives of the detectives, the CSU, the independent lab," Ogg said. 

She said her office will wait until HPD's investigation is complete before sending findings to a grand jury. 

Then there's the investigator who was removed from duty. 

The Houston Police Officers Union has said that officer was linked to the investigation, but was not at the house the night of the shooting. 

Ogg said she won't speculate on an administrative matter. 

"I find that those are quite different than criminal acts; so, I do not presume guilt from the relief of duty," she said.