After thief steals man's tools, KPRC2 viewer steps up to help

HOUSTON – Earlier this week, surveillance video was released of a thief stealing more than $1,500 worth of tools from Felipe Reyes' work van.

"It's really irritating. You work hard to buy these tools that you really need," Reyes said after his tools were stolen.

The suspect is still on the run, but after the story aired on KPRC2, a good Samaritan decided to step up.

"I just feel it's important for the community to help out in a situation like that," Greg Malloch said.

Malloch is the president and CEO of FASCO Fasteners and Supply Company.

Malloch said after seeing what happened to Reyes, he felt the need to help out.

"We gave him a couple of what are called impact drivers, or drills, basically, and also a jackhammer to help him out. So, hopefully, he'll be able to get that going and not miss a beat with his business," Malloch said.

"I got my tools back, thanks to Greg. I appreciate the help, really," Reyes said.

Reyes said while he was offered all the tools for free, and he took the business up on some of that offer, he also chose to buy one of the more expensive tools at cost -- still saving plenty of money.

"When you guys first came, I never even thought that someone would have called and offered that help. It makes you feel good," Reyes said.

Reyes said he was blown away by the helping hand, and Malloch said he was happy to offer it.

"I just thought ... hard-working guy, trying to make a living. These guys are out trying to steal his livelihood, so to speak," Malloch said.

"In the future, I know that I'm going to go back and probably buy more tools from him, because people like him really make a difference," Reyes said.


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