Thief caught on camera stealing tools, equipment worth $1,500

HOUSTON – Authorities want you to take a close look at a suspicious man caught on camera scoping out his next target.

It just happened to be Felipe Reyes' work van at a subdivision near U.S. 59 and Wilcrest Drive.

"It’s irritating because you work hard to buy these tools that you really need," Reyes said.

After initially driving by in one video, moments later, the man came back.

This time, he was on foot and carrying a flashlight to get a better look inside before popping the lock to get into the van.

"The guy knows what he was doing. He’s a professional at what he does," Reyes said.

After leaving with some tools in hand, amazingly, the man returned minutes later.

That time, he made off with a heavy jackhammer.

"He parked right in front of the street here. Went right to the truck, took it out and took off again," Reyes said.

In all, the total take by the thief was over $1,500 worth of equipment.

It's expensive to replace and just as frustrating to have to deal with.

"It’s not fun to see someone taking your tools, things that you use for work. Be alert out there, and watch out for this guy," Reyes said.

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