Man raises money to fix family's driveway

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – Nathan Doyle said it was the cane that caught his eye.

That cane belonged to Ina Phillips, the owner of a home on FM 2090 in Montgomery County.

Doyle was driving by when he spotted Phillips walking through her wet, muddy driveway with her shoes covered in plastic.

"I've almost fallen a couple of times, but I've got a quick cane and it's kept me from falling," Phillips said. "But it's quite an adventure trying to get from one end to the other."

After stopping to talk to Phillips, Doyle came up with a plan.

"Watching her walk through the mud just ... it hurt me a lot to be honest," Doyle said. "Everybody else has a driveway. Why can't she?"

Doyle posted his plan on Facebook: Soliciting donations for a new driveway to be laid for Phillips and her daughter and granddaughter who live with her. Doyle said he almost immediately was bombarded with questions from people wanting to help.

"'How can we send money? How can we donate money.' And they started sending money through Cash App, through Facebook, giving me cash," Doyle said.

And what does Phillips -- who still is trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey -- feel about the gesture?

"We felt like we could never get it fixed and all of a sudden that miracle happened," she said as she started to cry. "I'm all right. I just get sentimental over stuff."

Depending on the weather, work on the driveway is expected to begin Friday. If you would like to help Doyle with donations, you can reach out to him on his Facebook page.

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