VIDEO: Boy trapped in claw machine has most adorable expression ever

(WKRG, Viewer handout via CNN)

FAIRHOPE, Ala. – A little boy got trapped inside a claw machine in Alabama and the incident was captured on camera. 

Little Ezra Ingersoll is seen on video inside the machine while someone asks if he can breathe in there. 

My daughter ran up to me and said Ezra's in the game,” Mom Kelsey Ingersoll said. “I thought he must have climbed on top of one. The door only opens in and there is no way to get out unless you are really tiny."

Ezra -- who is just entering into his terrible twos, according to his mom -- wasn’t hurt after first responders managed to free him from the machine. He even got a prize before gaining back his freedom.

Watch the full WKRG report above.