Customers: Months-long wait for tumbler orders from Houston-based company

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HOUSTON – Blinged-out, bejeweled and bedazzled tumblers are all the rage for women all over the country.

However, several customers of a Houston-based business on social media complained they waited months and never got what they were promised.

"I got so intrigued by it, and so it was amazing seeing her glitter tumblers," Chrissy Landuyt, an online customer from Ohio, said.

Watching the Houston-based craftswoman on the Facebook page "Faith Flippin Tumblers," Landuyt ordered three of the woman's tumblers in November. The page has more than 15,000 followers.

"I paid $125 and was told that it would be here by Christmas, and so I proceeded to watch and watch and watch," Landuyt said.

However, after months of not receiving anything in the mail, Landuyt said she checked in with the woman named "Faith," who created the Tumblers.

"(She would tell me) 'I'm just so busy ... I'm working on it,'" Landuyt said.

Later, Landuyt said she wouldn't receive any response at all. She said she was eventually blocked after asking about the status of her tumbler in one of Faith's Facebook lives. It is a claim echoed by another customer, who also reached out to KPRC. Tiffany Finamore found the Facebook page and ordered from her home in Tennessee.