Residents use pool water to flush toilets after pipes go dry

HOUSTON – The Falls of Chelsea Lane Apartments in southwest Houston have been without running water since Friday.

Residents said their units are in unlivable condition.

“You need water for everything, cooking, cleaning,” said resident Jasmine Numen, who stays with relatives during the day to get away from the mess.

“I wake up, pack my bag, I get my daughter ready for school, and then I leave,” she said.

Another family packed up a U-Haul and moved out because of the problem. Other residents lined up at the apartment swimming pool with buckets, pales and jugs.

“This is an emergency, this big emergency,” Saul Carabalo said. “And they don’t want to do anything about it.”

An apartment manager who didn’t want to be interviewed said the water will be turned back on Monday night after workers fix a water main break.

“We got no water for the toilet, no water to take a bath,” Carabalo said. “We have babies. This is the hardest part.”

Residents complained that managers did not tell them when the problem will be fixed. A manager said he was doing his best and that it took a while to find the problem spot.

“We found it, we’re fixing it, and it will be better,” he said.

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