Thieves steal candy, sunflower seeds, juice from Little League concessions

HOUSTON – They appear to be young, malicious and very destructive.

Surveillance video captured the moment four thieves broke into the concession area at the OFA Little League Park in southeast Houston.

The quartet caused $3,000 worth of damage, but what did they take?

"Just candies, sunflower seeds, the drinks in there," league president Rocky Guzman said.

He said they caused several thousand dollar's worth of damage for candy, sunflower seeds and Capri Sun.

In a video that was recorded last Friday afternoon around 3:45 p.m., the young males are wearing backpacks they may have used in school earlier that day. After they break in, they fill the backpacks with the goods.

"When something like this happens, it's an unbudgeted expense where we have to put towards something that we have to take away from the kids," Guzman said. "Which takes away from the community."

Volunteers for the nonprofit league have had to pay for repairs and upgrades out of their own pockets. In a league of 250 kids on more than a dozen teams OFA doesn't have the resources or facilities of some of their competitors.

They do have heart.

Rather than press charges against the young thieves league president Guzman says he would take a different approach.

"That's why we're here, we're here for the community. They're probably part of the community as well," Guzman said. "Like I said, if we put a baseball in their hand, maybe register them, let them be coached and let's go from there."

If you would like to help the league repair the damages you can reach them via its Facebook page.

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