He said, she said: Fight breaks out at Spring HS after issue between pregnant teen, student


SPRING, Texas – A video of a fight at Spring High School has gone viral.

Both parties involved in the fight are accusing the others for starting it and parents are questioning security measures at the school.

The video shows what appears to be two people punching a student in a hallway. Tra Guillory said the person being hit is her 17-year-old brother.


"This could have been way worse for anybody's kid," Guillory said. "I was sad. I just didn't understand how (it happened)."

Guillory said her brother was being bullied by a female student at school, and the student's brother and another person, neither of whom are currently students at the school, beat him up.

Guillory is worried that the two people who beat her brother up on Monday should never have gotten inside the school to begin with.

"This has to be addressed. It has to," she said.

Trevon Thomas said he was the person in the fight video.

"I had to do what I had to do because he already put his hands on her," Thomas, 18, said.

Thomas said his pregnant 16-year-old sister was being bullied by Guillory's brother.

Thomas said that, on Friday, Guillory's brother slapped Thomas' sister in the face after her friend wouldn't share a cookie with him. She then slapped him back and both called their siblings for back up. Thomas said he overheard what the boy was saying.

"'I'll slap you again. I'll slap you again,' (he was saying) so, I told my sister to call my mom," Thomas said.

Thomas said he also alerted school officials, but he said Guillory's brother was not disciplined Friday. Instead, he claims that, all through the weekend, the boy kept calling his sister.

"He's going to make me kill myself. He's going to slap me every day," the pregnant 16-year-old student said.

On Monday, Thomas' mother said her son went through the athletic door and beat up a student. The student's family is now pressing charges against Thomas for assault.

"He's been really cooperative with everyone and he's not trying to avoid the consequences, because you did that. You made a mistake," Tasha Labbe, the mother of the 16-year-old girl and of Thomas, said.

Thomas' mother and sister both said he was just trying to protect the sister and that they wish the school had taken care of the situation earlier.

"It should have been taken care of right then and there," Labbe said.

Both families said they have received threats and are worried about the students' safety.

Spring ISD released the following statement:

"Spring High School administration and Spring ISD Police investigated an incident that occurred before the start of school on Monday, Jan. 28, in a hallway at the school. A male student was assaulted by a former student who was on campus with another non-student without permission. With safety and security our highest priority, Spring ISD Police are addressing the matter of the two non-students being on campus and will follow up with appropriate legal action."