Westbury couple struggling with sewer problem

WESTBURY, Texas – An unsettling sight has now become a health hazard, according to Elaine Moreno and her husband.

"They sound concerned and they say they're going to fix something, and just nothing happens," Moreno said.

The family said it was about a month ago when they started having sewage problems at their home in the 11000 block of Atwell Drive in Westbury. They called a plumber.

That's when they say they found out the problem was with a city line.

"We have sewage overflowing in the streets when it rains hard. I mean, it's just disgusting," Ryan Avera said. "They determined it was actually a collapsed sewer line. And, since then, nothing has been done. We've called multiple times."

After reporting the issue to the city, Moreno said nearly a month has passed.

She said city crews have been out multiple times with stoppage trucks to unclog the line, but beyond that, repairs have not been made.

"All they can tell me is, 'I'm sorry, ma'am, people are coming out to pump the line. There's an order for repair. There's really nothing else I can do for you,'" Moreno said.

With no repairs made, the family said it essentially means no water and a lot of headaches.

"We need to be able to shower every day (and) flush the toilet. We can't wash clothes or use our dishwasher," Moreno said.

More than that, the family said it means unnecessary worries for her husband, who recently had surgery, and for Moreno, who is pregnant.

The family now just wants the city to fix the problem. The sooner, the better.

"I mean, it's a huge health hazard. I mean, they need to come out. I'm sure it wouldn't take more than a day or two to fix the problem," Avera said.

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