Walmart to pay drivers nearly $90,000, and company's hiring

Company expects to expedite hiring process

(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)
(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

Not only will Walmart drivers be making, on average, $87,500 a year beginning in February, but the company says it will be hiring hundreds of drivers this year to join its fleet.

The company also plans to implement a new process in its hiring in order to speed things up, expediting the time it takes to complete a new hire.

Company representatives said that, previously, candidates were given the opportunity to perform one assessment for which they were evaluated on their driving skills — something the company calls “pre-trip inspection.” A new process has been introduced, however, giving targeted one-on-one mentoring from veteran drivers.

Walmart’s new process has already cut in half the time between an initial interview and a mandatory driving assessment.

“I’ve never seen a transportation company hire so quickly,” said Lori Furnell, Walmart’s director of driver talent acquisition. “Our drivers are entering the program fully confident and prepared to perform this critical element of our retail business.”

Walmart says new driver candidates frequently report the culture and reputation for professionalism as top reasons for applying to the company.

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