Justin Timberlake keeps promise to Santa Fe victim, provides VIP tickets to Houston concert


HOUSTON – A survivor of the Santa Fe High School massacre, Sarah Salazar was smiling ear to ear in a picture she took with the pop star when he visited her at Clear Lake Regional Hospital shortly after the shooting. 

“Well, I'm excited,” Salazar said. The V.I.P. treatment from Justin Timberlake … who wouldn’t be?

She was critically wounded, shot several times from her neck down to her thigh. Timberlake autographed a T-Shirt, writing “Sarah, God Bless you” and promised her two V.I.P. tickets to his show the next time he was in Houston.

Salazar had the picture and was happy with just that but over the weekend, her mom got a call from the hospital to make sure Sarah was available to attend tonight’s concert.

“I was like yes! This is exciting,” Sonia Lopez said.

Sarah isn’t sure she wants to wear the shirt Timberlake gave her. She doesn’t want to ruin it. Quite frankly, she isn’t even sure what to expect.

“This is the first concert I've ever been to. I don't know how they work,” Salazar said.

All she knows is she’ll be front and center, close to the stage. The high school junior invited her older sister Susanna, a senior at Santa Fe High School. If there’s one thing she hopes she gets to tell him, it’s thank you. Her mom echoed that.

“That speaks a lot to his character. He is a man of his word. I just want to say thank you to Justin Timberlake, for being so sweet,” Lopez said. 

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