Serial burglar caught on camera breaking into multiple vehicles in Cinco Ranch neighborhood

KATY, Texas – Fort Bend County sheriff's deputies are investigating what appears to be a series of car break-ins in Katy. Neighbors in the Cinco Ranch area woke up Sunday morning to several broken car windows.

The person caught on surveillance video was seen scoping the inside of multiple cars on this block. Residents are now determined to spread the word and hopefully get more information out to investigators.

"It just told me that no matter where you live, you have to be aware of your surroundings," said Julio Carmona, whose son's car was broken into.

Carmona has been a resident for 10 years with his other longtime neighbors who live near Waterford Glen Lane and Middle Oak Grove Lane. Carmona's son's car windows were shattered. His neighbor, Doug Quintero had surveillance video around that same time showing a man in a hoodie walking and running around the neighborhood, peering into cars with a flashlight.

"He just left my truck and tried to open the door. It didn't work," Quintero said.

The video shows the man walking from one car to another on their street around 2 a.m. Sunday.

"He's walking to the next one," Quintero said, pointing to the surveillance video on his phone, video he shared with deputies. "He did that in two to three houses that I saw."

Neighbors reported having several videos of who appears to be that same suspect going through the neighborhood. Quintero's video shows a light-colored Suburban with a dent on the right side picking up the suspect after certain incidences.

However, many neighbors said the suspect didn't take anything.

"Nothing that was taken -- but just knowing that somebody was coming and looking through your stuff," Carmona said.

Fort Bend County sheriff's deputies said there have been several reports of break-ins over the weekend in Cinco Ranch and Stafford. They are investigating.

"If you saw something or you're aware of who's committing these crimes, you know as a community, I think we should come together," Carmona said.