Former EMS volunteer accused of inappropriately touching teen at fire station

HOUSTON – A former emergency medical service volunteer at the South Houston Fire station is accused of touching a teen girl inappropriately at the firehouse. 

Michael Sean Sluder, 42, is charged with Indecency with a child.

The city of South Houston said he is not an employee of the city, but used to be an EMS volunteer.   The city didn’t have an exact date but believes Sluder left before the alleged incident happened. 

According to probable cause documents, a 16-year-old girl went to work with her relative at the fire station, located at 506 Georgia St., on Sept. 25, 2018.

The document states the girl was downstairs by herself when Sluder, their family friend, “came close to her and started kissing her.”

She told investigators the man touched her behind and placed his hand up her shirt, according to the court records. The court papers state the man then took her hand and placed it on his lower half over his clothes, but she removed her hand and went upstairs. 

The teen told an employee what happened, according to court records.

The woman, who knows the teen, gave her a hug and the girl started crying. She asked the teen what was wrong, but the teen did not answer. 

Once inside the car with her relative, she explained what happened and the relative went to speak with the defendant’s wife. 

Court records said the victim has known Sluder and his family her whole life. 

Investigators talked to the employee who the teen spoke with initially after the incident, according to court documents. The employee told investigators, that the teen was crying when she told her what the Sluder had done.

The person stated, “that the defendant is known to be very flirtatious with females and that he was the only male present at the station that day,” according to court documents.

When Sluder was interviewed, he told investigators he was visiting his wife, and did speak with the teen, but denied touching her inappropriately.