Attorney for veterinarian accused of sexual assault in Louisiana addresses allegations

WEBSTER, Texas – An attorney representing a Galveston County veterinarian accused of rape and sexual battery said Thursday afternoon that his client is innocent. 

Todd Michael Glover, 36, was arrested by Texas Rangers in December at his home in Webster. The Rangers were executing arrest warrants on behalf of Coushatta tribal police, alleging one count of rape and three counts of sexual battery. 

The charges stem from a trip to the Coushatta Casino Resort in early December. Two 17-year-old girls who Glover knew, according to a source, were allegedly sexually assaulted. 

“Dr. Glover took a polygraph test regarding his allegations and he passed that test with flying colors,” said Paul Darrow, Glover’s attorney.

 He said they are cooperating with the investigation and plan to voluntarily provide a DNA sample to the Texas Rangers who are assisting the state of Louisiana with the case. 

Darrow said there were rumors that his client was accused of misconduct with a child under the age of 13, but he said that was false and was a clerical error. 

He also stated that there were rumors his client was trying to flee, but Darrow claims that never happened. 

“Absolutely not true, we knew about this investigation going on, we had been dealing with it going on, there were no bags packed, Dr. Glover wasn’t going anywhere,” explained Darrow. 

Regarding the details of what happened during Glover's visit to Lousiana, Darrow said he wants it to play out in court. 

“These are just allegations at this point. Dr. Glover has not been convicted of anything. He’s maintained his innocence. We look forward to going to court and proving his innocence,”  said Darrow.

“He’s been accused of a very serious crime and it’s the government’s job to try and prove that through evidence through the court of law, we look forward to addressing whatever evidence they may have.”