Beautification brick project begins in Galveston's historic Strand district

(City of Galveston)

GALVESTON, Texas – Workers are rehabilitating the paving bricks at intersections along The Strand in Galveston.

The beautification project started this week involving intersections from 21st to 24th streets along The Strand.

The reason for the upgrade is because the brick pavers are heavily worn and have ruts which are not good for pedestrians, according to the city of Galveston.

The first phase involves closing the southern half of four intersections. Traffic will be restricted to one-way westbound travel.

During the second phase, traffic and parking will be directed eastbound.

No businesses will be closed during the beautification project, which is expected to be finished by mid-May.

Galveston said the $400,000 project is being paid for with funds from the 2017 voter-approved bond election.