Business owner fed up with flooded parking lot

HOUSTON – There's a flooded parking lot at a truck shop in southwest Houston.

The water is not from a recent storm because there wasn't one. It's the result of rain from last Friday. It's a problem they've been dealing with for more than three years.

"It'll rain, then the day after or so we'll see the ditch full," shop inspector Shastri Singh said. "It just doesn't drain out."

Workers at Harry's Truck Care on the 12100 block of Almeda Road near Airport Boulevard -- say the parking lot -- where they also work on vehicles -- has been flooded for as long as two weeks in the past. It's not only a potential health and safety issue -- it's impacting their bottom line.

Some potential customers will leave once they see the water -- not even attempting to drive through it and risk damage to their cars.

"Customers pull in and they don’t want to drive in, I don't blame them," Singh said. "I've ruined an AC compressor on my car coming through this. So I can't blame them one bit."

The culprit appears to be the ditch that sits in front of the shop -- still swollen with water to the brim.

Shop managers say they haven't been given a reason by local or state agencies as to who is responsible for clearing the ditch. They just want it repaired.

"Find out why the drainage ditch is not doing what it was designed to do. Carry the water away. As soon as that happens all of this is gone," Singh said.

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