Government shutdown hits home for Houston woman

HOUSTON – A Houston woman who recently returned from a reservist deployment in the Middle East is among thousands of people in our area already feeling the impact of the government shutdown.

"It is stressful because we don't know when we will go back," Edith Banda, who is employed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, said.

Banda has not worked her federal job in downtown Houston since the shutdown 17 days ago.

Making matters worse, she and dozens of others in Houston are unable to seek temporary private sector work because such jobs require permission, and the people who process those requests have been furloughed, too, according to Banda.

"I even thought about selling tamales," Banda said.

Banda said that she is selling personal possessions to make ends meet, but she said another couple of weeks of no work would be crushing.

Just before the new year, Banda's pet Pomeranian, "Texas," was run over by a truck.

So far her vet bills are about $10,000, Banda said. Click here to help with costs.