Fans keeping spirits high during Texans-Colts Wildcard game at NRG Stadium

HOUSTON – Home games aren't the same without some, good old-fashioned tailgating. 

Texans fans decked in blue filled NRG Stadium hours before the game for the traditional fan tailgating.

We stumbled upon some unique tailgaters. Some fans showed us their ticket collections they’ve kept for years. 

“This is (a) New Orleans Saints and Houston Texans ticket from probably nine years ago,” said one fan.  

KPRC spoke to a Texans mother who has been bringing her twin daughters to Texans game since the Texans came to Houston.

“In 2002, I was pregnant with my two daughters, and they just turned 16 last Monday. I was big as a house but never missed any of my tailgating,” she said.

Another Texans family has been tailgating on a replica field since the Texans' first game.

Tailgaters are confident their team will go further than the playoffs and they hope they can bring their tailgating chairs out once again.