Community rallies for Jazmine Barnes, child who was shot to death

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A rally got underway at noon Saturday, six days after 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes was shot inside a car by a gunman who remains on the loose.

The "Justice for Jazmine" rally outside a Walmart near the crime scene, drew in community members and leaders to show support for the family of the child who was shot in the head Sunday, Dec. 30.



One by one, leaders have been speaking before the crowd, urging people to help bring justice for the death of the girl.

They prayed, spoke of the ongoing investigation and expressed sympathy to the child's family, who are grieving over her violent death.



Barnes was in a car with her sisters and mother last weekend on the Beltway 8 feeder road near Wallisville as they were on the way to the store for coffee. A gunman drove up in what is described as a red pickup truck and opened fire on the car. Jazmine's mother, LaPorsha Washington, was shot in the arm.

A sketch was recently released of the gunman, as well as an enhanced image of the truck he was driving.

So far, he has not been found. A reward for identifying the man has grown is up to $100,000.