Mailman accused of pepper spaying dog for barking behind fence


BAYTOWN, Texas – A Baytown mailman is accused of pepper spraying a dog that was barking at him behind a fence in May.

After an investigation, Razaaq Ali-Balogun was charged with animal cruelty in December.

The dog's owner, Michelle Perez, said she noticed something was not right when her 5-year-old pooch named Oscar, was in distress and rubbing his head on the grass with one eye swollen shut.

One surveillance video shows the 20-pound miniature beagle on his side of the fence at his home barking at the mailman.

WATCH: Dog maced by mailman homeowner video

In the video, the mailman makes the delivery and starts to walk away -- and as he's about to move to the next house, the owner says that's when you see him assault her dog with pepper spray.

"My dog is no harm. He's just barking," Perez told KPRC in May. "That's it. I mean, I don't think a dog should get sprayed for barking."

In another surveillance video, Oscar furiously rubs himself in the grass, shaking and doing all he can to relieve himself of apparent pain.

Perez said she went down the street and confronted the mailman who, who she claims admitted he sprayed Oscar.

Oscar's eye remained shut for 30 minutes, but he has recovered and is doing fine, Perez said.

She filed a complaint with the post office and called Baytown police to file a complaint with the department as well.

If anyone suspects animal abuse, neglect, hoarding or torture, authorities ask you to report it to www.927PAWS.org.

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