Car burglars take off with jacket containing expensive wedding ring in pocket

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – The entire crooked caper was captured on video, as three smash-and-grab car burglars bashed their way into a young couple's truck inside the Edgewood Village subdivision on Houston’s eastside.

The crime took place at 2:00 a.m. Wednesday and among the items the thieves stole from that truck was a $10,000 wedding ring belonging to the wife of a man we will call Alphonso.  

We are honoring his wishes and not revealing his name or his wife’s name.

“She’s really, really, sad about it because, you know, this is a wedding ring that we had when we first got married … it cannot be replaced with something else … it’s gone”, Alphonso said.

Alphonso said he had taken the ring from his wife and placed it in his jacket pocket, ironically to protect both her and the ring this holiday season. But he says he left the ring by mistake inside his jacket and inside his 2003 Dodge Ram pickup truck.

“I had asked her to give it to me because she wears it all the time and it’s an expensive ring … really expensive. I bought it when I worked for a jewelry store and I was afraid she was going to get hurt by somebody trying to take it away from her so that is why I had taken it”, Alphonso said.

In the video, the thieves appear organized.  

One guy is the lookout and watches for traffic coming down the street, another is in the car waiting to drive the others away, while two additional men burglarize Alphonso’s truck.

In less than a minute, the four men jump in their vehicle and drive away.

They take that $10,000 ring with them because it is inside that jacket that Alphonso admits he left in the vehicle. It's a $10,000 ring this couple can never replace.

An enormously expensive prize, it’s likely the thieves had no idea the ring was even there.

Those smash-and-grab car burglars are still on the loose.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.