Meet Anthony Mancinelli: This 107-year-old man is the world's oldest barber

Anthony Mancinelli is the world's oldest barber.
Anthony Mancinelli is the world's oldest barber. (WCBS)

WINDSOR, N.Y. – The world’s oldest barber, according to the Guinness Book of Records, lives in upstate New York. 

Anthony Mancinelli is 107 years old, and still cutting hair in the town of Binghamton. 

Mancinelli is still working full-time – 40 hours a week at the Fantastic Cuts Family Hair salon.

He advises people to continue to work. 

“Keep busy,” he told station WCBS.

Mancinelli started cutting hair at the age of 11 -- 96 years ago. He said he did it to help out his family. 
Mancinelli’s son Bob is 85 and said his father is in better shape than he is. 

“He is still going,” Bob Mancinelli said of his father. “Still working five days a week. I retired when I was 81."

Mancinelli has no plans to slow down. Mancinelli turns 108 in March.

Not only is he still working full time, but he also lives on his own and drives to work every day.