Single mother's apartment burglarized for second time before holiday in Energy Corridor

HOUSTON – On Saturday, Agnes Ramirez came home to her Briar Forest apartment to find it ransacked by two men who stole some of the presents under her tree and whatever valuables they could find in her bedroom. 

“I’m a single mother with two kids. Our safety is just violated,” Ramirez said.

It's deja vu all over again for Ramirez, who just last month, right before Thanksgiving, had another three men break into her home.

She said they stole thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry, along with some of her purses and her son's Nintendo Switch.

Ramirez replaced the stolen Nintendo Switch but that one was also stolen during the second burglary. She is hoping someone recognizes the faces of these men who've taken more than just belongings.

“It's very mentally and physically draining for us, especially my kids,” Ramirez said.