Matthew McConaughey uses his Lincoln ad voice in good luck video to hometown football team


HOUSTON – Matthew McConaughey revisited his Lincoln advertisement voice in a good luck video to the high school football team from his Texas hometown.  

McConaughey, a 1988 alumnus of the Longview Lobos, filmed the video from the streets of London, his head hooded as he walked and talked, sharing his advice to the team on the cusp of a state championship. Longview Independent School District shared the video on its YouTube page.

“We got a little football game this weekend, don’t ya,” McConaughey said. “State championship. Big time. Biggest game of your lives so far. … Before you go out there, lay the blood on the line, I want you to take some time to get your mind right. Your souls right. What I’m talking about is, bend that knee, take a minute. Look inside. Think about your families. Think about why you love the game of football. Think about all the practices. All the times you were like, ‘Damn, it’s hot. Damn, I’m ready to go inside. Damn, this is enough.’ Think about all that, all you put in to this point. … So many people are proud of you. Feel that, know that.”

EastTexasMatters.com noted that when the Longview Lobos and the West Brook Bruins meet Saturday in Arlington, it will be the third straight year the two teams have faced each other in the playoffs, but the first time for a state championship.

And, just for fun, rewatch all of McConaughey's Lincoln commercials below.




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