Harris County Sheriff's Office delivers Christmas gifts to family

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Santa Claus is several days away from delivering presents to kids around the world, but deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in District Four decided to help him out a little bit Thursday afternoon.

Deputies delivered presents to several families in need. During the year, they collected their own money so they could help out families in tough situations.

“We are ... public servants, that’s what we do. We have to show compassion for those in need,” said Capt. Kimberly Smith, a district commander with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, District 4.

“This was a big help. We really appreciate it,” said Sharnada Provost, whose family received a visit form the deputies and Santa.

Five months ago, she gave birth to her fourth child, a healthy baby boy.

“I went to go and try to breastfeed him and then I realize he was not breathing or he was blue,” Provost explained. “I immediately ran his lifeless body to the nursing station.”

She and her husband were in a panic as doctors and nurses worked more than 15 minutes to save him.

“I was numb, I didn’t know how to feel. I was hysterical. I was shocked,” Provost explained. “I was, like, I had a perfectly normal baby holding in my arms; I remember the moment I was kissing him.”

The medical staff brought her son back to life.

"He could have been dead, but God has a purpose for him because he’s still here,” Provost said.

It was a miracle, but he faces many challenges.

“He had a lot of complications. He has a hard time breathing and being able to suck, swallow, gag. He’s lost all that ability. He has to do intensive therapy to try and regain motor skills," Provost explained. “There might be some challenges in the future; as of right now, all the doctors can tell is just wait and see, and that’s hard for a parent to hear ... 'Wait and see for your child,' because you do look for those milestones, you do look forward to them walking and talking, are they going to do this? Are they going to do that? Right now, everything is up in the air. All we can do is give him therapy and try to make him as comfortable as we can and try to improve his quality of life.”

She said Khorey has undergone multiple tests, but doctors still don’t know what caused him to stop breathing.

They are also paying at least $10,000 for therapy out of their own pocket, so Christmas was looking slim this year.

"Oh, it’s been hectic, it’s been a joy, but hectic. Still, we’re still trying to get into a routine of how to care for him and then incorporate his care with the other kids, but you know, they love their little brother,” Provost said.

The men and women in blue heard about the Provost family’s situation and decided to help out.

“If we can put a smile on their kid’s face, that’s what we want to do,” said Sgt. Ana Ortiz with Harris County Sheriff’s Office District 4.

Sharnada and her husband were grateful for the gifts and the kids were beyond excited.

“That was awesome. It’s the incredible thing to do. It’s very rewarding, this is why we’re here,” Ortiz said.

The Provost family also wants to thank Walker Elementary, which nominated them to the sheriff’s office.

To help out Khorey, click here.