Tire smashes into woman's windshield on I-45


HOUSTON – A young woman had the scare of her life on the 45 North Freeway Thursday morning. 

A massive tire flew over the median and slammed into her windshield at high speeds. 

Her car was crushed on top and the windshield smashed, but the driver was able to walk away with just a few scratches. 

She said she was heading to The Woodlands when she saw the tire flying towards her just after the Cypresswood exit and had mere seconds to react.

"I saw it and I was in disbelief but I still moved. I knew that if I didn't move that that could be my life. I just immediately started crying," she said.

She said a good Samaritan saw what happened and blocked other cars so she could slowly drive to safety.

In October, an unsecured towing hitch smashed through a motorist's window on the North Freeway.